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What is this business worth?

Attorneys, accountants, and business owners have called upon Valuation Resource Group, LLC for over 16 years for answers to this question. Whether you’re selling your business, buying out a partner, gifting an ownership interest to your children, or even going through a divorce, nearly every business owner will ask this question at some time in his or her life. At Valuation Resource Group, LLC we work with accountants, attorneys, financial planners, equipment and real estate appraisers and other professionals across New York State not only to determine the appropriate value or your business, but to facilitate the event or transaction that drives the need for the business appraisal.

The value question arises for a variety of reasons:

  • You are considering retirement and would like to know the value of your business for the purpose of either selling the business or gifting it to relatives. Or, perhaps your children do not want to be the next generation of owners and you need help developing alternative transition plans.
  • You are considering the purchase of a business and would like some assurance that the purchase price is reasonable or need assistance with the purchase price allocation.
  • You are considering a divorce and need to know the value of your business so you can equitably divide the marital assets.
  • You are the executor or administrator of an estate and need to know the value of the business interest to determine estate taxes.
  • You and your co-owners wish to establish a fair market value for a buy-sell agreement.
  • You wish to establish an employee stock or stock option plan and need to determine the fair market value of shares to determine employee compensation.

Mr. Egna has over 30 years of diversified financial leadership and management experience specializing in transition planning and valuation analysis of all sorts. He brings a practical, hands on approach to all of his work. (more…)

Mr. Schulz has over fifteen years of valuation experience in corporate finance and litigation support environments. (more…)

Mr. Decker, a co-founder of Valuation Resource Group, has over 25 years of valuation experience. Mr. Decker has performed hundreds of calculations of economic loss (more…)

Valuation Resource Group, LLC applies more than 80 years of combined experience in business valuations to provide context sensitive answers to these questions and more. Our decades of valuation experience, along with specialized expertise in the fields of finance, economics, tax & accounting, and mergers & acquisitions allows us to work effectively with your team of professionals, or to help you select a team of professionals that meets your needs.

Our unique approach to your valuation-related matter means that you will be provided with:

  • Direct senior professional participation throughout the engagement;
  • Responsive service, especially in time-challenged environments;
  • Superior analytical skills; and
  • A defensible, independent, and impartial result.

We encourage you to contact any one of our professionals with any questions you may have.

  • Skilled finance professionals who took things to the next level by applying sound commercial and strategic judgement. He was always clear about the broader picture but was also very strong at making things happen.

    Stephen J. Bell
    Chief Risk Officer at Ulster Bank
  • Reliable, practical and insightful, his extensive experience in finance, business operations and valuations is invaluable.

    Bruce Sowalski
    Director of Business Advisory Services